Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Day in the Life

I blog for many reason including sharing my kids with family and friends that live far away, sharing my faith, therapy, and for scrapbooking purposes. Tonight is one of those posts where I am blogging simply to remember what a typical day in our life looks like now with a toddler, a little boy, and a big boy.

Tonight I wanted to go walk on the golf course. I have given up soda (gasp!) and I am trying to walk a lot to get in better shape. Mike said "Kyle go walk with your mother because ladies should not be out alone." I think he is paranoid, but I did totally enjoy the company of my 9 year old during our 45 minute walk on our beautiful golf course. He definitely has his moments, but walking through the beautiful greens I could have wept over how God has blessed his life and now mine. The heartbreak of my babies growing up is negated by how cool these older stages are.

My Hope is loving preschool. It kills me how grown-up she seems now, but my girl is learning a lot! She can count to 11, sing her ABC's and spell her name back to us. Being in that learning environment has been so good for her. This week at preschool we are doing letter Q and talking about the "quack quack" of ducks. To celebrate we have a "duck pond" in our classroom with rubber duckies in our activity table. The kids have loved it and here is my girl checking it out as I am filling it up! My girl loves to sort anything. Clearly she is going to have her Daddy's math brain! I looked up the other day and saw that she had perfectly sorted these fruits and veggies on this game. It seems that preschool has snuck into our house because instead of watching TV David and Hope sat tonight at the kitchen table and crafted and such. They colored this big piece of paper together and had such fun. Then they drug out the playdough and enjoyed that for a while and then I put a stop to it when they asked for paint. It was bathtime!

Here is a zoomed in picture that DAvid did with Pop's name on it! He loves his Pops so much and he writes his name everywhere. My sweet, sweet playmates that for the most part enjoy their time together. I am so blessed with these babes under my roof. Mothering is certainly the hardest job I have ever ever had, but I would not trade a day in my life for anything:) I am a blessed woman.

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