Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Soccer Dude

David has enjoyed his soccer season. He is playing on a cute team with a great coach. Mike is the assistant:)

David posing in the yard with his ball-there are times that David wants to pose for the camera and today was one of those days! He climbed in our big flower bed for this one! HA!
On the move! Tonight I experimented some more with my new Nikon. It is way beyond me but I love it and cannot wait to experiment and practice some more with it.
I LOVE this picture-he was raising his hand to be the goalie! :)
Go after it Dave!! I love it:)

Today has really been a super crazy and sad day here. Last night we had crazy storms and a tornado touched down about 15 miles from here. Seven people as of now died in the tornado and there is major destruction and devastation. I am so sad for the sweet community of Glade Springs. I really did not take the storms that seriously last night, so when I woke up today and saw how close the devastation really was it broke my heart. I will from now on take these tornado warnings seriously.

We did not have much damage here praise the Lord, but our phones have been out all day and our cell phones are sporadic at best. Lots of folks around us have no power and it will be days before it will be restored.

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