Sunday, April 17, 2011


This weekend has been so full of fun and family. I love weekends where you go to bed on Sunday night exhausted but with a smile on your face. At the end of last week David FINALLY got to have his first real Tball game. He was so excited and did well. Here he is getting helping from Doug.
I made it home Mom!!!
Saturday was super special because my parents came down for a visit. We celebrated my Dad's birthday with a yummy lunch that Mike cooked on the grill and pie. The kids were so thrilled that they came for the day.
My sweet boys:)
My Mom, the organiziation wizard, helped me clean out Hope's closet. That is such a chore for me, but my Mom can whip any closet into shape in an hour. No joke. Hope found this princess outfit and wore it for a while. Precious:)
Then my parents help the kids color Easter eggs, and I love this picture of my Dad and Hope working together.
Kyle is getting to that age where he likes to be the helper-here he is helping GG get the cups ready to go.
Hard work-I love times like this where I can step back andbserve my kids having fun. They worked so hard on their eggs and I think my parents had as much fun as the kids did:)
Well, except GG's new tennis shoe. HA! David got wild with red dye and spilled it on her new white shoe! Now it has a nice pink glow to it:)
All the pretty eggs:)
Today we had our third (?) annual Easter egg hunt with our Down Syndrome group. Words cannot express how much I love our events and getting together with our friends. It is so fun to hear about our kids and see how fast they are all growing. I am so proud to be apart of such a wonderful group of people. Here are David and Angie hugging!
I adore this picture of Ashley and Dave running to get eggs. She is so great with him and we are blessed to have her in our life.
David, the executive, hunting easter eggs.
David loving on Ben Gilley-we love him so much!
I just had to take a picture of this to prove that Hope did indeed let Carol love on her and she even slept on her! Shocking I know! My shy girl does not get too far away from Mommy or Daddy and here she was letting Carol love all over her! Yay!
David and his BFF Jason. Jason is so sweet to come to our events and David is beyond thrilled!
I am not happy that this picture is sideways, but at church this afternoon they had an event called Journey to the Cross, where you could walk through different rooms where the Easter story was explained on a child's level. It was WONDERFUL and I was so impressed. What a wonderful way to start Holy Week.
Parker and David throwing their sins (pebbles) at the foot of the cross. The children got glow sticks to remind them that Jesus is the light of the world and that He shines through darkness.
To end the weekend, I walked outside to get something out of my car. I looked up and saw this gorgeous full moon and I just smiled. After this wonderful weekend spent with great folks, it seemed fitting that the moon would be as full as my heart.

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