Monday, April 25, 2011

What They Will Remember

We have had such a fun, fun day today. Mike is not in the picture today so my Dad came and hung out with us. We hit a local pizza place for their lunch buffet and David ate his weight in cinnabread! Then we headed to our local favorite hangout-Hunry Mother State Park for an afternoon of fishing.

I love this picture of my Dad and my girl with fishing poles in hand.

My girl is proving to be adventerous and ready for fun. My Dad and I laughed watching her fish for the first time-her idea of fishing is to throw the entire pole into the lake. We have some schooling to do with our wee one for sure!

My eldest and youngest hoping to catch a big one! Hope lasted about a minute or two before she ignored her pole to throw rocks in the lake with Dave.

Kyle and my Dad getting ready for their first cast! I absolutely love this special park right in our backyard.

My funny funny girl sporting her new "pinciss" shirt!

My sweet Dave had no interest in fishing, he just wanted to throw in big rocks. Days like today make me pray that when my kids are all grown that they will remember days like today versus the grumpy "get your shoes on now" days in their childhood.

Today was one of those precious days where we never once had to look at the clock and we could just enjoy the moment and explore. My girl loves her some exploring and she has a sandy, dirty butt to prove it!

I pray that my children will remember days like today when I said "yes" more than I said "no" and that they will remember that we did take time to throw big rocks and wiggle our toes in the cold, cold, creek.

I pray that they will remember times where we just enjoyed the beauty of God's earth and our time together. There are so many days in our life that are polar opposites of today, so I pray that they will tuck days like today in their memory bank. (I totally love this picture of my playmates playing in the creek).

I pray Hope will remember that today I did not freak out when she got all wet in the creek and that we laughed at her sandy bottom.

My curious George checking out the worm. We have found very few things that truly scrare her. For now, ants seem to be the only thing that scare her. I love that my children are blessed to have natural settings all around us to explore and play in.

The day ended on an awesome note when Kyle caught the first fish of the summer! He was so proud of himself but of course he yelled for Pops to come take it off of the hook:)

Today has been a perfect day. I am a blessed Momma to get to spend a leisurely afternoon with my Dad and babes.

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  1. What a wonderful day for you and your family. I love the feet in the water. Just another sign that summer is on it's way. You can bet those kiddos are banking those wonderful memories you are making for them momma!