Monday, April 4, 2011

Just to Be

Life is going by at such a freakish pace these days. The other day Kyle came up to me while I was in the kitchen and gave me a random hug. I loved it of course, but it shocked me how tall he is next to me right now. He has had another growth spurt and it seems that he is a constant reminder of how fast it all goes.

I promise that just yesterday he was refusing to nap and wanted me to read one more Thomas book. Now my third (and last) baby is in that stage and it is breaking my heart. I just want to scream "slow down" but instead I grab my camera and try to take pictures of life as it flies by me at 90 miles an hour.

Parenthood is so tricky because it seems that certain ages and stages stick with you forever as you are suffering through potty training or dealing with back talk, but when all is said and done children literally grow up before your eyes.

I am trying so hard to savor family time and allow us to have time as a family. Yesterday was one of those wonderful days where the sky was sunny and blue and our calendar was amazingly blank. So, around lunchtime we told the kids to get their shoes on because we were heading out for a surprise field trip! It drove Kyle crazy until he finally guessed it pulling out of our neighborhood!

We picked up pizzas and headed to my favorite place on earth-Hungry Mother Park! The big boys threw ball of course. My growing boy ate lots of pizza:)
My sweet brave girl loved every minute of that playground and kept me on my toes chasing her underneath that big playground. My wee one definitely has no fear.
This picture captures my heart and makes me smile. These two are my playmates and I love that he was helping her navigate that playground and that they allowed me to capture one of their sweet moments. Love it.
Before we left on our surprise field trip the kids played outside and pulled out every outside toy we have:) It just seems like yesterday that Kyle fit in this car and was driving everywhere in it. Now he squeezes in to chauffer his sister around the yard.
My wild Dave had no clue how to turn and steer that thing so it was really comical that Mike and I took turns chasing after him steering him away from my car and Mike's new car. (Mike got a new Honda Civic last week. I gave him a hard time that he could have at least picked a different color this time!)
My active Kyle loves to ride his bike down this hill and scare me to death!

Yesterday was such a fun family day and I so appreciate moments where we don't have to watch the clock anticipating our next activity and just be in the moment with these wild, ever-changing and growing babies that God has blesseed us to parent. Life is indeed good even if it is flying past us at 90 miles an hour:)

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  1. Your post really hit home for me today. I love how your appreciation for your fun family days is so evident in your writing. Time does goes by so fast. What a blessed family you have. Hugs!