Saturday, April 23, 2011

Family Easter Party

Today we met with my whole family at the lake to celebrate Easter. I thought it would be so hard to gather there without Pawpaw. I know he was not too far from all our minds, but we partied hard and we would have been so proud of us. We ate a lot, took a boat ride, and chatted while the kids played in the sunshine. It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed time with everyone.

I love this tree in their front yard. I got so choked up on the drive up to the lake, but while we were there I just remembered that Pawpaw is celebrating Easter in the presence of our Lord and that melted all my sadness.
The boys brought ball stuff and played ball.
Hunter and David on the boat. Dave loves Hunter and I think this is such a cute picture. DAvid loves the boat and has literally waited all winter long to go for a spin again.
Kyle and Clayton were so excited to meet us at the dock to tell us that while we were riding Chad caught a big catfish!!
Clayton and Hope snuggling.
Mary Jane made Hope this pillowcase dress and I love it!! Hope put it on to see if it fit and she then did not want to take it off!
My girl straight out of the bathtub sporting her curls. Her hair has grown so much lately and with a little humidity she is super curly!! I pray she always will appreciate the curls that God has given her.
My girl is quite taken with her bunny from Oma and laid out her basket and bunny tonight for the Easter bunny. For good measure she gave her bunny an extra kiss! These pictures were taken with my new camera that came today on Fed Ex. I am a super happy wanna-be photographer!!!
After a fun sunny day at the lake, we came home and got ready for the Easter bunny. I had to iron church clothes to get ready for a fun day tomorrow where we will celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.

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  1. Love the pictures!! Can't wait to see your new toy. What fun for you guys. These busy weekends are great. Family time is priceless!!