Saturday, April 2, 2011

My Shy Princess

Today was one of those rare Saturdays where we divide and conquer as a family. Mike and the boys headed up I-81 for a little soccer and grandparent action and the girls stayed here to help a little girl from our music class celebrate her third birthday-princess style! Here is my princess prepping to go to the party. We had a major standoff over her gown. We have several and actually borrowed two more to find a dress that would fit her perfectly. Her snow white dress was the one that fit the best, but my strong-willed little girl had different ideas. She wanted her big Cinderella ball gown.
Here is sweet Abi the birthday girl! Her momma is David's music teacher at school and Abi's aunt, Angie has DS and is one of our favorite people on earth! Angie was dressed as the fairy godmother today!
I had a fit over this precious cake that a local lady made out of a real barbie!! Too cute:)
My sweet, smiley princess:) She fell asleep on the way to the party and then was super shy and clingy for the first hour of the party. She finally warmed up and got her makeup done! She also loved the glitter hairspray.
She was not cooperative for a picture after her make over, but here are a few with her sweet princess makeup on. Abi's other aunt did the hair and makeup and she did such a great job making them looks like sweet princesses:) Here is my shy, sweet princess in her ball gown. It was so big so I had to fix it with safety pins so it wouldn't fall off of her! The cupcakes were super yummy and my princess certainly loved them. Here is a picture where you can see the glitter hairspray and the lip gloss on her. She has such fun at this party and I know the birthday girl will sleep well tonight:)

David enjoyed a fun day with my parents while Mike and Kyle survived the COLD temperatures for his soccer game.

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