Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day

So far Easter has been full of fun and sun. The weather here is absolutely beautiful and sunny. After the kids investigated their Easter baskets we got ready for church.

Here are their baskets!

Here are the boys modeling their new Boston Red Sox shirts from the Easter bunny.

Hope was such a sleepy head this morning and did not get up until almost nine! Considering church starts at 9:45 it was a busy busy morning.

I got so tickled at how excited she was about the candy in her basket. Before breakfast she was already enjoying taffy.

Here are some of her cute goodies-a new princess shirt and flip flops!!

Hope was the only one really cooperating for pre-church pictures. Kay Clawson got some great ones last week so I was not stressed about getting a good group shot.

Dave was playing hoops outside while he should have been getting his picture made! Before leaving for church his tie was already askew and his shirt was untucked. Oh well! He still looked cute:)

After church the kiddos wanted to play outside so we fixed our hamburgers and had a picnic outside! They also wanted to put on their bathing suits and play in some water. It was a little too chilly for the water slide, but they did have fun on the moon bounce and with their water guns.

Enjoying their Easter picnic:)

My cuties in the moon bounce!

Love this picture of my babes:)

David and Hope enjoyed themselves for over an hour with this baby pool and their water squirters:) We are ready for summer around here now!

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