Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You Love Me Anyway

Tonight as I was heading home from the grocery store solo I actually got to listen to music of my choice instead of the Music Together CD or princess stories on CD. I love christian radio and we are blessed that we have two different stations to choose from. Tonight I heard this new song by Sidewalk Prophets (love them) and I just fell in love with this song.

This song just spoke to me so much because no matter how hard I try I simply am not perfect. I am not always a great christian example, I yell at my children, I am not always kind to my husband like I should be and frankly every day of my life I fall short.

But if you watch this video and see the lyrics you will be reminded that despite my impatience, tendency to gossip and tendency to be a wee bit judgmental, He loves me anyway. He knows all my faults but he still calls me His.

I also love the line about losing loved ones because for some reason I have been missing my PawPaw so much lately. I know it is because the weather is getting warmer and the thoughts of going to the lake house this summer without him makes me sad. I can barely stand the thought of revving up that boat without him in that captains chair.

So listen to this song and bask in the knowledge that despite your flaws and mine the Great One loves us anyway. That is so peaceful to this perfectionist momma that tries so hard to get it all right. I am simply not perfect and that is fine because He is and he loves me anyway. Enjoy:)

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