Friday, April 1, 2011

Catching Up

This has been such a full action-packed week. The weather has been cold and even snowy. I am so ready for sunshine and warm temperatures. Hope and I have had such a fun week at preschool. I am so proud of how my little one has handled sharing Mommy with 11 other children. She absolutely loves going to preschool and I think it has been good for her socially and academically.

On Tuesday and Thursdays I just enjoy my time with my favorite girl doing what she wants to do. Wednesday night we were snuggling and she said "first swim, then Nonalds (McDonalds) nuggets and ice cream!" I could not believe that she could articulate all that to me so of course I obliged! She is so painfully shy that going to preschool is really a blessing to her. I cannot even describe how happy I am to be back in the classroom knowing that my girl is having fun and learning.

Tomorrow Hope has been invited to a princess party and she is sooooo excited! Every morning she has asked "abi's pinciss (princess) party?" She is wearing a cinderella dress and all the princesses will be treated to hair, nails, and makeup at the party. I will take a ton of pictures to share!!

My boys are doing well and they are so ready for spring break. Kyle is working hard on prepping for SOL testing plus all of his sports practices. He has a soccer game tomorrow but Mike will be taking him because it will be too cold for us to spectate. I hate missing anything that any of my children do, but unfortunately tomorrow we cannot do it all.

Mr. David has finished up swim lessons and is now just playing Tball and rec league soccer. We have made the decision after meeting with his IEP team to repeat first grade again next year. He is one of the youngest in his class and we think it would benefit him to stay one more year in first grade where reading is such an emphasis. I was worried about the social aspect, but his team has assured me that David will not have any problems adjusting socially at all. David's middle name should have really been social butterfly! I am at peace with this decision and feel that down the road this will be such a boost for him.

The momma in my did tear up when we made the final decision because quite frankly it hurt my heart that he could benefit from another year at this level. He is small for his age and young and I know it makes perfect sense, but it still hurts a wee bit. He has a wonderful team this year and I am thrilled that he will have the same teacher next year. I am so proud of all of David's accomplishments and I know that he is such an inclusion success story, but his IEP meetings are never something I love attending because it is always hard to sit around and talk about what your child cannot do. I typically bring snacks and goodies to David's meetings to turn them into more of a celebration of what he has accomplished before we have to discuss what he still needs to accomplish.

That is a life update on our family this week. These are the details of life that I do not want to forget when I am old and gray rocking on the porch with Mike:) Oh what am I thinking, Mike is too ADHD to rock in any rocking chair even in our twilight years!! He will be that retiree combing the beach with a metal detector digging for treasures!! HA! Have a great weekend!

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