Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Angie, God, and Church

We have had a great week!  We have caught up with some friends, swam a little, and I am in preschool mode.  David has had great energy and is eating well.  Monday we had a full day of Hope's well check, working at preschool with friends, and then a fun dinner date that evening.  We could tell that night he was worn out which makes me worried about school coming up.  I am so excited about his school this year!  There is a major renovating going on at his school and it is going to be cool (literally with new AC) and beautiful when it is done!!

We had a fun dinner date on Monday with Angie Mountain and Susan Kilby.  Local folks all know Angie because not only is she the life of any party, but she is a local hero.  She has the funniest personality ever and everyone loves her.  She has a heart for Jesus like I have never seen. 

Here are the two beautiful, bald heads-Angie and David!!  Angie has not had hair for years, but a few months ago she woke up and told her Mom that God had talked with her and that he was going to take care of her hair.  If you look closely you will see lots of new hair growth of her head!!!!  She is also wearing her medal from the state Special Olympics where she got bronze.  She bowled for David that day!!! We love you Angie!
Kyle adores Angie and thinks she is hilarious!  He has asked for a year if she could come over so we were excited to have a dinner date.  Pizza hut had a fancy jukebox and she wanted Kyle to help her find the song "boots under" which is that Shania Twain song Who's Bed Have Your Boots Been Under!  Angie is an amazing person who has prayed on the altar for David at church every Sunday.  Angie is an inspiration to us all how to simply have faith in God. 

I know this post is totally random, but church on Sunday was so awesome.  The sermon was about enthusiastic praise for our Father who has blessed us all so richly.  After the sermon, we had communion.  They had several small children and a few youth bring up loaves of bread one at a time.  Jonathan arranged the loaves to look like a man.  In his chest he had a heart shaped pan filled with the wine to symbolize Jesus' blood.  For communion we came up and took the bread, dipped it in the wine to remind us that He literally gave up his body for us.  It was very moving. 

I asked Hope when we got in the car why she did not bring up a loaf of bread and she replied "I not going to take dat bwead into big church."  Alrighty!

Monday we worked so hard in the preschool room arranging, cleaning, and sorting toys that I got the organizational bug for my house.  I have cleaned the kids play room downstairs and took out all the baby and toddler stuff  moved the Wii in and it looks great.  It makes me sad because it reminds me that my kids are growing so fast and it looks more like a big kid hangout than a baby/toddler area now. 

Today Kyle starts golf lessons (he is super excited), and I am trying to finish all my cleaning projects here at home and at school.  I am also excited to report that a bag of rice works wonders on an iphone that was dropped in the pool Sunday.  Last night I heard a text come in from that bag of rice and amazingly it is working!!!  Yay!

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