Saturday, July 7, 2012

Photo Catchup

Well it finally happened:)  I ran out of space on my google/blogger account for photos.  This August will be my four year anniversary of this blog and today when I tried to upload photos it told me I had to purchase additional photo storage space.  I cannot believe that on this silly little blog there are four years of Robinson family memories here.  I remember so clearly the night I decided to start a blog.  My Tennessee friend, Tracey, shared her jewelry blog with me and I was so captivated by it that I decided to try my hand at one. 

It is so secret that Mike was not a fan of this blog at first, but now, like me, he sees how therapeutic it is to write and share through the wonderful and hard times of family life.  It keeps family and friends far and wide up on the happenings of our family and it is fun!  I love this blog but I never ever dreamed almost four years ago that it would be used for cancer treatment.  Sigh.

I have spent some time tonight reading those first few entries back in November and they are very hard for me to read.  What a dark and scary time for our family, but what an awesome testimony to our God who was with us.  It gives me cold chills to read back through how  God answered specific prayers and got us through some dark and sad times. 

Here are some cute pictures from David's actual birthday on the 5th.  I dresssed them similarly because Jason was going to take some new pictures of the kids, but the weather after the movie was stormy and not conducive to outside shooting. 
Sweet brothers:)
All three Robinsons!

David's birthday lunch at Sugar Grove Diner.  He was so excited to open his new sword to go with his new pirate hat and parrot from the Rutzinskis.
A few weeks ago we went to see the movie Rio with the Pugh family, and David loved it so much that he wanted a copy of his own. 

I love this picture of Ashley and David with his pirate cookie cake!

Blowing out his candles

Look how cute this cookie cake is!  We had a birthday lunch with our family, Ashley, Jeff, and Jason.  We had a great time eating some great food:)

This weekend we are relaxing here in Cville.  David has felt okay since his chemo.  He has had some belly issues which is pretty normal for him after chemo.  He is very tired and fatigued but he is enjoying all of us being together and we are enjoying the air conditioning. Wow-I had forgotten how hot Central Virginia is!! 

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