Saturday, July 7, 2012


If you click on the link above you will hopefully get to view a video I made for David for his birthday highlighting the last eight months of his treatment.  It was emotional to put it together because it shows how different he looks now after treatment.  It also; however, makes me appreciate how strong this warrior boy is who has endured all this and is still with us and is still smiling and praising God.  Enjoy!  David certainly LOVES watching himself:)


  1. I really like your family. (Even though I only know you from the blog). What a sweet video - I got all teary-eyed. David is a rock star for sure.

  2. Even though I live in Marion, I have gotten to know your family through the blog and I completely agree with Deborah - what a special family you are. I follow the blog daily - rejoice with you in the triumphs and shed tears in the difficult times as well. I pray for David and your entire family daily and will continue to do so. WooHoo that the 27th is so near!!!!