Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Fishing, friends and pizza

The Lord has blessed us with another amazing day here in Charlottesville. The weather was perfect-overcast and not too hot. This morning we had a lazy morning and then I took Hope and Kye to the pool to burn off some energy before they headed home today. Pops took them to Radford and Mike will get them tomorrow-I think Mike has not enjoyed the house being this quiet for him this week :)

Shortly after Pops, Kyle, and Hope got on the road, we had some special visitors! Lisa and Logan Morris showed up with Sam Wagner with a car full of fishing stuff. We headed to nearby Chris Greene Lake and had a ball catching some fish. I hate to brag, but I did catch two on my own!!! Dave had such a ball with these two awesome guys. What amazing people who would drive all this way to brighten our boys day!! They gave Dave his very own pole to fish with and Lisa had even made him a CD of some cool music!! Our boy is so blessed to have so many people that are rooting and praying for him.

For three hours tonight we did not think about cancer, chemo or UVA and we just enjoyed being outside catching up on life at home and trying to outsmart some fish. I have some awesome pictures but I will have to download Friday evening when we get home. After our fishing expedition we headed to Cicis Pizza and Dave chowed down! He ate five pieces of pizza!!!! He wanted his appetite to match those big boys :)

David had a ball today and it was so good to see him outside enjoying some fun and fishing. It was probably the longest he has been outside in a week. We were blessed with such wonderful weather and it was so good for his stamina to be outside. I cannot wait to share my pictures-what a memorable day for our boy. Sam and Logan you are both amazing young men and we are so thankful that you took a day to come see us!!

The other great news is that Davids labs came back great today. Hs hemoglobin is ten which means that Fridays chemo so far has not made his counts dip down too low. We are cautiously optimistic that taking that port out was the best decision. This is the longest he has been without a fever and/or sickness in a month. We are so thankful to see him have an appetite and some energy.

We return to clinic Friday at ten for labs and his monthly Pentamidine drip to ward off the scary pneumonia. We hope to head home Friday after his appointment if all continues going well. Dave is sound asleep now dreaming of fishing and friends after our wonderful day on the lake :)

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