Monday, July 16, 2012


The fact that I have not blogged in three days might be a record!!!!  We are enjoying normalcy and family time.  Mike's professional plate is beyond full and I have relished jumping back into my preschool classroom.  Thanks to two dear friends, today we were able to clean and organize quite a mess.  Thanks ladies!!

Today Miss Hope had her well check and she is quite healthy and it was adorable to see David coaching her and the nurse through her appointment.  Tonight we had a treat because we got to have dinner with two special ladies!  When I get some pictures I will share more about our evening!

We cannot believe that we are on the countdown to David's last treatment.  I am surprised how emotional and reflective I am about this huge milestone.  Yesterday's church service was wonderful and very emotional and I just cried at the altar during communion in thanksgiving to God.  His hand has literally guided us the last eight months and we will continue to seek his peace and his will for our family as we enter the next stage which I have termed "the waiting game"  Will his cancer return?  Will his lungs, kidney, and heart continue to function as they should after all the toxicity of his chemo and radiation?  (Just for the record I originally typed kidneys, and had to go back and adjust it when I realized that he now only has one).Sigh.

Yesterday the praise band at church rocked the song Audience of One by Big Daddy Weave and it just spoke to me yesterday even though I have heard it a million times.  A heart that beats to praise you is my favorite line.  It goes along with my latest study of Acts 16 where Silas and Paul are singing praises to God from the pits of a prison.  I desperately want my heart to constantly praise the King of Kings-on days like today when I am sweating and cleaning out a nasty preschool storage room, days in the future when my baby is on the CT scan table wating for that all-important scan, and everyday as I strive to be the christian Jesus wants me to be. 

I hope you enjoy this song too!  Thank you for all the prayers and love that have been showered upon our family.  It is so uplifting to go out and about around town and be greeted so warmly.  We live in such a wonderful community-we are truly blessed.

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