Friday, July 20, 2012

Fishing on the Lake

Today we went to Claytor Lake to visit with family and to play at the lake.  The weather was cool and cloudy which was perfect for David.  It was really not swimming weather so we enjoyed a day of fishing.
Miss Hope and GG caught the most with five!!!  They used David's new pole from Sam and Logan and caught a bunch! 
I love that she is fishing in a skirt!!

David had a ball today riding the boat, fishing and being outside.  It was perfect weather for him!
Can you believe that GG cut her own worm, put it on the hook and even took the fish off of the hook???  Impressive for sure!
I am not sure why this picture is sideways, but I love that she is checking out her latest catch!!!  She did awesome and I think fishing teaches children patience. 

The kids also jump at the chance to ride in the golf cart.  These two fought all day long but they are truly best friends!!
David typically does not drive the boat when Kyle is tubing, but today he did!!  Kyle grinned when he saw that David was driving him!  I thought it was too cool to tube, but Kyle did not seem to mind. 

David insisted that I take this picture of him sitting in "ashley's seat" on the boat and send it to her!!  We missed her going with us today, but it was a fun and quiet day on the lake. 

This time next week David's LAST chemo will be done and the PICC line will be removed.  Kyle and I figured it out on the way home from the lake today and I cannot stop thinking about it!!  We are so on the homestretch and I am in awe that we are almost to the finish line.  I remember back in November looking at his chemo regimen on paper and feeling so overwhelmed, but God has guided us through it.  Next week when we walk out of clinic central line free and with all those chemos marked off of the list the victory will be His!!! 

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  1. I can't wait until he is finished with his Chemo and you guys can rest and relax more. God Bless David and your family. Praying all will go great!