Thursday, July 5, 2012

Coming Home and Fourth of July

David is snoozing in this morning after two busy days at home.  Sadly we are repacking these darn suitcases again this morning, but we have been blessed with friends, family, sunshine and fun over the last two days. 

Here is Miss Hope anxiously awaiting for Mike and David to return home Tuesday afternoon. 
He is home!!!!  He is so excited to be home!!! Can you read that his shirt says Rock Star?!  He certainly is our favorite Rock Star. 
Kyle showing off his paper mache car that he made at big hospital school with the art therapist. 
Happy robinson reunion!!!! 

Yesterday for the fourth of July, David wanted to go ride the boat so off we went for a fun day at Claytor Lake.  Jason and Ashley met us up there and we had such a fun time. 
Trying to catch a big one!
David had amazing energy considering the fact that he has been in the hospital for the month of June.  Here he is modeling his new PICC line.  Yesterday morning Mike and I had to teammwork a dressing alteration on it.  The dressing had started peeling back, so I had to sterile up and clip off the dirty part and put on a clean dressing.  Yikes-it was scary but we did okay!
This little fisherwomen can cast a fishing pole like a pro!!!
Jason and David on the boat:) Jason is an amazing photographer and he got some awesome pictures of our day together. 
A good boat ride always makes you a little sleepy:) 
Lynsey and Lexie from next door! 
Kyle had a ball with the neighbors yesterday.  Ryan, Peyton, and Kyle jumped off of their high deck. 
After a day of swimming and boating, we hada  little party for David.  Here he is opening his pirate playmobile stuff from GG and Pops. 
This picture make us all belly laugh.  GG and Pop's neighbors, The Rutzinski's gave David this adorable card that turns into a pirate hat and parrot on his shoulder!  It was adorable on him and we all belly laughed as he played the pirate part well:)
No birthday is complete with cake and a few birthday candles. 
Ashley and I commented that we could not believe that he is 8!!  Because of cancer, birthdays will always mean way more to me. 

The fourth of July is not complete without a sparkler and fireworks.  David got evil around firework time because he was overly tired so we did not stay for all the fireworks, but he had such a great day.  His stamina was amazing considering how sick he was this time last week. 

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