Friday, July 6, 2012

Chemo done!

Today Dave handled his second to last chemo like a champ. He walked in telling the nurses "no port" because he knew that the dreaded port access would not happen today!!!!! He was so excited and told the nurses that now they could all be friends. The staff joked that we should have put that PICC in months ago! Ha!

We stopped off at the grocery store and bought cupcakes and cake to share with the amazing staff to spread David's birthday out one more day. He served cupcakes to all the staff that came in to our room. It was really cute and between his birthday sweets and no port access, it was really a fun clinic visit.

He has felt great this afternoon. He came home from chemo and ate two big pieces of the cookie cake from yesterday. I was impressed and after seeing that his weight was down to 48 pounds today, he can eat as much junk as he wants. He is wearing a cute Angry birds muscle shirt today that he got for his birthday and it is so cute on him but it shows off his skinny arms. His labs and vitals were all great today so we will see how his body handles this chemo.

He was feeling so well that I took the little ones out to eat while we wait for Mike and Kyle to get here. They are on their way. We tried to eat at one of our favorite Charlottesville Mexican restaurants, but poor buddy crashed during dinner. He started crying and try to fall asleep on the table. Needless to say we paid the check and brought our food home. I do not think he is nauseous but just really really tired. He is snuggled on the couch now with Hope watching Peter Pan.

We have to return to clinic next Tuesday and Friday so we will be here through Friday at least. Tuesday he needs labs and a dreaded dressing change for the PICC and Friday he needs his pentamidine drip to ward off pneumonia. I met with Dr. B today who said that he hates to ask us to stay so long, but these last sick episodes for David are still a mystery and now that he is off antibiotic they hope taking the port out is going to stop these crazy and scary infections, but we can never be sure because a specific bacteria never grew on his blood cultures.

We miss home and our life so much but we have to do what is best for David. We can do anything for three weeks-right?! I will be honest and admit that this afternoon I have been weepy and homesick. I want to be getting my classroom ready, enjoying the pool and Hungry Mother, but for now this is the season of our life. Because of technology I can be in touch with friends and so can the kids. Next week it is suppose to cool down so maybe we can actually go outside here in Charlottesville. I miss our cool Southwest Viginia mountains today!

We are so blessed with this condo that feels like home. Tomorrow before the hot part of the day I hope to take Hope and kyle to the pool. We are so thankful to the Pendleton's who have blessed us with a home here throughout the nightmare. Gods hand has been all over this nightmare and He has provided so graciously. How can I be whiny when we have been blessed beyond measure?!

I was joking with one of the staff at clinic today that chemo is kind of like pregnancy. The last stretch is the hardest because you're weary and the end is in sight. This nurse came and gave me a hug and said that she had heard that David had had a rough month and wanted to check on me. She gave me a little pep talk and encouraged me so much. The clinic staff is utterly amazing.

We are in the cool of the condo tonight letting Dave recover from his triple dose of chemo today. Thank you for praying us through today and July 27th will be a banner day as we anticipate that being his LAST treatment!!! I can hardly believe it.


  1. So good to hear that this is almost over! You go ahead and be weepy! You are entitled to now and then! Praying this week goes well and Dave will be feeling good! What an amazing young man he is! Makes me feel bad for ever complaining about anything! Take care of your kids, but also take care of yourself! The caregivers often fall by the wayside and people who have never been down this road don't have any idea what a toll it takes on them. Just know that we are praying here and hopefully this will go by fast! Your room will be there when you get ready! I know it will be amazing! If I can do anything to help you, please don't hesitate to call on me! Stay strong! Love ya! Kilby

  2. Laura,
    You have shown much strength thru this nightmare. I am amazed. I would be in the floor everyday probably with weakness. Its so scary and so heart breaking to watch a person with cancer, to be so sick, to be away from your sweet home and your other kidos, is so hard for me to imagine. You are a hero mom! So, thankful you are in a nice cool condo with you Rockstar and resting up. Praying for David.