Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Countdown to Chemo

I am still in awe that we are only days away from David's last chemo.  Mike and I both plan to take him this Friday for his last treatment.  Hope and Kyle will stay here with GG and Pops so Kyle can go to a swim team event and then they will bring them down on Saturday. 

This week we have been enjoying home and friends. 

Yesterday we did a kid swap with our neighbors, The Grubbs.  Kelsey came here to play and Kyle went to their house to play.  We are so blessed to have such great neighbors. 

Yesterday David received a package from Mike's brothers family with a new paper jams microphone and a cute shirt that says Redheads Rock.  He has been jamming on his new microphone. 

Mike is in crazy school prep mode.  That man works so hard that my head spins.  David's school is going through a major renovation and our school system is also building a new elementary school.  On top of his job as superintendent he also is heavily involved in these projects.  I pray that my children get his amazing work ethic.  He is also worried about his father who suffered a broken hip recently and is currently in a rehab hospital in Shreveport.  His heart hurts that he cannot physically be there with his Dad now.  We are soon ending David's active treatment phase and entering the "wait and see if the cancer returns mode" and that is weighing on his heart as well.  He will probably kill me for blogging about him, but his plate runneth over right now and he still manages it all with grace. 

I have been in major cooking mode these days.  I am obsessed having fun exploring Pinterest and finding new recipes to cook and fun kid/preschool ideas.  This weekend I tried lots of new dishes.  I try very hard each day to cook my children real food using real ingedients.  My kids love chicken nuggets, corn dogs, and frozen pizzas but we try to do those occassionally for lunch. I am also over the top excited about preschool.  I cannot wait to be in the classroom again with my favorite girl. 

We look forward to getting this last chemo over with and discussing the next phase with his amazing team.  I am very emotional about this milestone and want to personally thank everyone of you that has prayed and loved on us through the active treatment stage. It has been brutal and hard on our boy, but with God's overflowing grace and mercy we are almost there.  We covet your prayers for the next "wait and see if it returns phase" as we will face the dougnut (aka CT scan machine) many times in the future.  We know regardless what the scans show that our God will be with us.

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