Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Tonight I am simply overwhelmed. We have had an awesome day considering Dave had to endure the dreaded dressing change and labs. The boys enjoyed a $1 movie and saw TinTin while the girls played at Bounce n Play around the corner. We had a great pizza lunch before we headed to clinic.

Sadly David did freak out for the dressing change, but we can handle anything when the end is sooooo in sight. We still have not heard about his labs today, but Nurse Pat said he looks great to her and heaven knows he had the energy to fight that darn dressing change.

Tonight as a reward for enduring the dressing change, Pops and I took the kids to play putt putt golf down the street. It is thankfully cooler here so it was a night nice to let him get outside some. The boy loved putt putt and the kind young man that was running the putt putt place handed me six free passes to come back sometime. He said "mam I can tell your boy has been through a lot and we would love for him to come back and visit us!!" I am so clueless that I thought for a second how he knew that Dave has gone through so much until I remembered that the bald head and PICC line are dead giveaways!! Ha!

Then this afternoon while we snuck away to the pool while Dave rested and watched the movie Hook AGAIN, I was scrolling through Facebook and saw that one of our dear Orange County friends, Tracey Stakem, had donated hair to locks of love and David was one of her inspirations for doing it. I was so touched and overwhelmed even though frankly that does not surprise me about Tracey because she has a heart of gold.

Then this evening I finally connected with Lisa Morris who is planning to bring her son, Logan and his BFF Sam Wagoner down to Charlottesville to take Dave fishing at nearby Chris Greene lake!!!!! Dave is so excited that getting him to sleep was a challenge tonight. He wants to take Sam and Logan to dinner at Five Guys after the fishing trip!!! I am overwhelmed that these two young men would take a day out of their summer to come fish with our Dave.

We are homesick and beyond ready to come home but God has used some amazing people today to encourage us and to remind us that He is with us here! We have genuinely had fun today, David has felt great, and we have felt the love from you all!! God has blessed us with some happy memories here today. I am overwhelmed with gratitude tonight for our amazing friends, family, prayer warriors, and anyone who is apart of Team David! I am also beyond overwhelmed at our Lord wo has provided the love, and encouragement, and happy memories despite the nightmare. Goodnight from Camp Pendleton from a grateful Jesus lover!

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