Thursday, July 5, 2012

Birthday boy!!

David has had a wonderful birthday! We had lunch with several friends at David's favorite local restaurant, Sugar Grove Diner. He had the "Dave special" of a plain cheeseburger with a side of chicken nuggets! A nutritionists dream lunch-ha! Ashley and Jason had gotten him a cute pirate cake and he enjoyed lots of presents. After lunch we headed to the movie theater to see the movie Brave. We all loved it (even Jason and Ashley) and the princess in the movie reminded me sooooo much of Hope Madeline! Wow-the curls and the strong-will definitely reminded me of our girl.

The hardest part of the day was after the movie when Hope and Dave and I got into the car to head to Charlottesville. They both cried to go home. It broke my heart because I too would have rather have headed home versus chemo tomorrow. They did okay on the trip until they saw the sign for Charlottesville and they both started chanting "Mar-i-on, Mar-I-on!" it was cute, but definitely broke my heart.

I am still in awe that David is eight years old. Never did I dream when that little floppy angel was placed in my arms that our parenting journey would take the turns and twists that it has. Because of David we are well versed in Down Sndrome and unfortunately childhood cancer. When the doctor broke the news to us on his birth day that he was showing "signs of Down Syndrome" I remember so clearly looking at the doctor and telling her that God made this baby and made him for us and that He would provide and bless us.

How amazing eight years later that I can see how God has used this little fifty pound boy to teach us all about His faithfulness, His mercy and grace, unconditional love, and joy. I am so amazingly grateful that God blessed our lives with this angel eight years ago and has walked and sometimes carried us during our parenthood journey. We are much better people and parents because this little red-headed angel came into our lives eight years ago today.

Happy birthday David!!! We are so proud of you that you keep fighting everyday and that you remind all of us How He loves us! Daddy and I are so proud of you that you keep smiling and praising God wherever you are. Keep fighting Rock Star!


  1. Happy birthday to your amazing little boy and big hugs to all of you! May God's blessings pour over all of you and continue providing you with strength and peace.

  2. Happy Birthday David with many more to come
    Hope you have had a wonderful day.
    Gordon and Peggy Tuell