Monday, July 2, 2012

New day, once again a new plan

We just met with Davids team again this morning and the plan has once again been altered for David's best interest. The PICC line will still be put in today at 1:00. Two of his three antibiotics are going to be stopped today and he will go home for two days on Cefepime.

His oncologist has decided to delay his chemo from today until Friday. We definitely agree with that plan to let his body catch up and rest before his treatment. She believes that his body is telling us that he needs a little time to catch up from these wlast bacterial infections and to rest up. It will delay the last treatment until July 27th, but we see the light at the end of the tunnel.

We will update later today after his PICC line is in. Please say a prayer that his body handles this sedation well and his oxygen does not plummet again.

We are so blessed how God has provided during this nightmare. Last evening my Mom and I took the kids back to the condo. We stopped and got a pizza and took it to the pool at the condo for an evening by the pool. GG and I both swam with the kids and I just felt so overcome by Gods blessings.

He has provided for our needs as well as comforted us with his peace and mercy. He has provided this amazing condo that has allowed us to stay together as a family and what an extra bonus that there is a pool there!!!! We have had amazing care, met some awesome new friends, and grown so much in our walk with Him. Sadly I would not have grown in my faith this much in the last eight months if it were not for this stupid cancer.

So this morning all three kiddie are in school and we are anxiously awaiting the PICC line placement. Happy Monday from UVA!!

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