Thursday, July 26, 2012

Last Hooray!

Sadly we are pulling out those darn suitcases for another trip to UVA, but we are overjoyed that it is for his LAST chemo treatment!!! 

Today we had a little outing with some friends at Hungry Mother to play, ride bikes, and have fun.  We also went to lunch when we were done, but I took no pictures because fifteen kids between four Moms kept us too busy for photo ops. 
David and Jack! 
Miss Priss who loves a good playground! 

David and Mason!  David really had a great time but he got tired quickly.

My boys love to throw rocks into the lake-cheap entertainment!! We love this beautiful park in our backyard. 

Miss Sydney has morphed into a big girl this summer.  She asked "where's kyle"  a million times today and she had such fun keeping up with the big kids. 

David and Mason solving the world's problems!
Lots of friends met us out there and these cuties will be in preschool together this year.  It seemed like yesterday that these two were born.  They are eight weeks apart and it amazes me that they are old enough for preschool. Sigh.
While we waited on Tanner and Kelsey we had a little snack.  Kyle was anxiously awaiting the Grubbs because they had all the bikes.  The boys took off on their bikes to the creek. 

Brady is only three but he really thinks he is a big boy.  He pitched to Kyle-so cute!!
Soooo cute!!!  They were throwing rocks into the lake.  This past year we have missed spontaneous playdates with friends.  Either we have been in Charlottesville, or David's counts have been too low to be around people.  It was a crazy morning with lots of kids, but it was such fun. 

Kelsey is going to be a great Mommy one day.  Hope ADORES her and Sydney loves her too. 

A dirty butt certifies that the playdate was tons of fun!

Hope and Sydney played this cute game where they laid in the slide and pretended to be asleep.  Sydney played along beautifully but nosy Hope could not close her eyes!  Ha!  Yes, that is dirt on Sydney's face!! 
Sweet, sweet girls. 

Even though it was crazy with all these kids, I loved every minute of it.  My kids have missed this-random playdates with kids.  I have certainly missed Mommy time with my Mommy friends.  Thanks ladies for such a fun morning and God bless the waiters that handled our two tables at lunch today!!

Tomorrow is a pretty huge milestone in our family.  We know that the future is uncertain but for now we are overwhelmed with thanksgiving that tomorrow is the last chemo.  What a journey.  We are so thankful for amazing friends who have encouraged us and loved on us.  We are so appreciative of the amazing care we have received at UVA, Ashley and Jason's unfailing love for David, this amazing community for their concern for our boy, and the list could go on and on. 

We are planning a celebration here locally very soon.  We are very excited to celebrate this amazing accomplishment.  Many do not make it through the intense chemo and radiation, but by God's amazing grace our boy is still here and and is still singing praises.  I am bawling now as I type.  This has been such an emotional week for me for lots of reasons.  Our God is simply amazing and we are overcome with love for Him. 

I could go on and on but my emotions are not going to let me.  I have now been working on this post for over and hour because I can't stop crying tears of thanksgiving that today we are on the eve of the last chemo.  Thank you dear friends.  Your comments, emails, facebook messages, and texts have meant the world to us.  Reading your messages and comments have kept us going on the long, sad days.  Your love for our Rock Star is something we will never forget.  Thank you.

Speaking of thank you, we have been blessed financially by Taco Inn in Radford.  Dale and Anita from Taco Inn have loved on our boy and helped fatten him up with some of their yummy food.  If you live in Radford or are ever by there please say a thank you to them for their love and support.  David recommends the corn dogs and spaghetti there!

We will update tomorrow after the treatment is over.  Today he has good energy and we are all loving rubbing on his very blonde peach fuzz:)


  1. Wow, How he Loves us! Even when we think he don't, when someone u love is so sick, when we are having a bad day or mad at someone, he is still with us. Thank You God for watching over David and his family. I pray God will bless you and give you peace in your heart at this ending of treatment. I know the "C" word is horrible and please remember, no matter what God Loves You and he Loves that sweet Rockstar that's fighting! From.. Marion Sending you HUGGS AND PRAYERS UP TO THE LORD NOW!

  2. I have been praying for you guys frequently and am certainly praying that today's last chemo brings with it complete healing! Even through your tearful posts, your family has shown such faith and hope in an Almighty God! Praying for you today! Love, Shanna