Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday News

Happy Sunday afternoon from UVA. I am watching our three children play Tball in the hallway and it makes us so happy.  Between his siblings being here and a swamp people marathon on the History channel, David is one happy dude today.  We were all blessed with a visit from Mrs. Hubble yesterday who went out of her way to stop by and visit.  While we were out last night, David also had visits from Sue Davidson and Pam Leonard.  After being here basically the month of June we enjoyed familiar faces from home.

His day started rough with a blood draw that did not go well at all.  It took three tries before the blood was finally drawn.  We are eager to get that PICC line in Monday so blood can be drawn off of that.  The port has spoiled us on the lab issue, and it has been brutal the last few days getting blood the traditional way.  He has endured at least two sticks a day and it has been rough.  Poor Pumpkin:(

His team is thrilled with his progress and because of a new Tball set he has wanted to get up and play with his siblings.  GG is still here with us and she can make him laugh with her silliness.  We are just having a low key day pushing fluids and calories on him and encouraging movement to keep that fluid moving. 

Sadly he has yelled and screamed so much for the blood draws that they have been therapeutic to opening up his chest.  That makes me sick to think of it that way, but he had to take a deep breath to scream and that is what was needed for his chest to open up. 

I just asked David what he wanted to tell you all on the blog and he said "oh how he loves us" becaue that is his favorite song by David Crowder Band.  He is now singing it at the top of his lungs!  HA!  It is precious to hear but I am sure that baby down the hall is not digging it. 

Thanks to the extra set of hands here with GG, we were able to walk to the Corner for lunch and enjoy some family time while David hung out with GG.  It is weirdly quiet up here this weekend with very few kids.  We certainly miss our playmate Haley up here:)  She is doing well at home and her Mom texted me this week that she is doing great at home. 

We covet your prayers for tomorrow that the PICC line procedure will go smoothly and that his body handles his chemo well.  Watching him play today is so bittersweet when we know that tomorrow he is just going to get two whammies again.  We must; however, endure this next stretch to get to the final finish line.  The race has been hard and we are all feeling the effects of this last mile, but we know with our faithful God and our wonderful prayer warriors we will get there. 

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