Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Update

We have had a good weekend here in HOT cville. Except for a trip to Target and out for a drive, David has stayed cool inside the condo. He is feeling good and thankfully the belly episodes seem to have dissipated. He returns to clinic tomorrow for a dreaded dressing change and labs.

Mike returned home last night to work this week and for a school board meeting tonight. He came home to a freshly mowed yard thanks to the Prestons! Thank you dear friends:) we were also blessed with some home cooking from GG and Pops neighbors, the Dishons yesterday. They sent us an amazing chicken casserole dish that was heavenly. Mike and I both had two helpings it was so good. I will get Mrs. Dishons okay and post the recipe here. It was awesome and loaded with veggies that my kids did not seem to notice. Yummo!!

Since Mike had to head home, Pops came down last night to help out. It is nice to have some one else here to stay in with David while I take Hope and Kyle out to the pool or to run an errand. We are really trying to protect David and he does not seem to mind staying in playing iPad and watching movies. He is such a content child and never ever has been whiny about anything. He is my hero.

Last night we had movie night and watched the movie Facing the Giants again. Love those great family movies that reinforce to my kids that living for God is all that matters. I want to live a fear free life that comes from giving it all over to Him. As we face the next years of our lives we will face numerous scans to see if cancer has reared it's ugly head again in our baby. For now I have peace over those scans because I know no matter what our God is with us and is so worthy of our trust. He does have a plan for us all.

Last night after the movie I told God that I loved him when we had stage four cancer, I love him now at the almost end of treatment, and I will always love and trust him no matter what the scans down the road show. He has proven to us that he does sustain us during the darkest times of our lives. That is true peace!!!

Today we are going to relax some more. It is rainy here so we may visit the Green Valley book fair again! I love that place! Tomorrow is clinic and $1 movie day here so David will love that. His PICC line is going well so far and he will only let Kyle do the morning flushes in it. Maybe we will make a nurse or doctor out of Kyle yet!! It thrills Kye that he is the chosen one for saline and Heparin flushes.

Happy Monday from Cville!

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