Sunday, July 29, 2012

Update from Charlottesville

Despite a fever for several hours on Friday night, David seems to be doing well.  Friday night he spiked a fever between 100 -101 which made us nervous, but he has done that in the past with these three same chemo drugs.  We did call the on-call oncologist who happened to be Dr. B, and he said if his fever ever hit 101.5 to head to the ER, but blessedly it subsided on its own.

Yesterday we had the bright idea to drive to Williamsburg and hit a few of our favorite stores.  David slept most of the way there and back but the little trip gave him an opportunity to work on his stamina some.  He ate really well yesterday and has only had a little bit of post-chemo belly issues.  We are so thankful.  Mike and I were thrilled that we got some Christmas shopping done!!!

Mike and I have definitely decided to have the PICC line removed Monday morning.  We just feel that we would basically be keeping it in for three additional weeks to use for his scans the week of Ausgust 20th.  Because of his history of infection with his central lines we feel this is the best.  I am sure when they put an IV in for his scans the week of August 20th we may second guess ourselves, but this way he can go to school, play in the water, and have some fun before school starts.  I would be nervous sending him to school with a central line in. 

Mike is heading home today.  The opening of school is coming way fast for him and he has a lot to do in the next few weeks.  Kyle and Hope are with GG and Pops this weekend. They had planned to bring them down here today, but if we are returning tomorrow morning after clinic then that seemed kind of silly.  So, Dave and I will be solo tonight, get that PICC line out tomorrow in clinic, and then head home!!!  We would appreciate prayers for this removal tomorrow.  His PICC is stitched in and was placed in while under sedation, but it is simply removed in clinic without sedation.  I shudder thinking of it, but we are all thrilled that he will get to be central line free for the first time since November 18th!!!

Some of our UVA friends could desperately use your prayers.  I posted on Facebook about our little friend, Trent who is fighting brain cancer.  He is in the hospital now and and could use prayers for pain and healing.  Our other friend, Alyssa who initially received treatment at UVA has moved her care to MD Anderson in Houston.  This summer she had her leg amputated to fight a reoccurance of osteosarcoma and sadly they are heading back to Houston tomorrow for a third reoccurance in her residual limb.  Cancer is an ugly beast. 

Thank you for your prayers and love.  We have both received some sweet and encouraging emails and comments.  I was surprised that we were not more celebratory and excited about DAvid's last treatment. but we still have a long road of faith and prayers for our boy.  Cancer is sneaky and can come back at anytime. We will; however,  trudge along with you our prayers warriors sustaining us and storming Heaven on David's behalf, and our Mighty God showering us with his mercy and grace. 

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