Saturday, June 30, 2012

Our Week In Pictures

We blessedly can report that David has perked up considerably since GG, Kyle, and Hope have gotten here.  His doctor is pleased with his progress!!!  Mike and I are smiling because our David is acting like himself. Praise the Lord!  Thank you dear friends for all the prayers, love, and concern coming our way.  Thank you to everyone who petitioned our Great Physician for David. 

Now that we are breathing easier we wanted to share some pictures from the week.  I just asked David what he wanted to say on the blog and he said "I love you, I love you, I love you!"
Here is David loading up in the helicopter last weekend.  Smyth County Community Hospital once again did a wonderful job getting David quick treatment and communicating with our doctors here.  We are so blessed to have such a great local ER.

This is in the infamous picture that got me in trouble on the helicopter.  I thought David looked so darn cute with his stick-on ear muffs that I whipped out my phone to take his picture.  The sweet medics on flight quickly informed that flash photography is not allowed on flights.  Just an FYI:)
I missed several of Kyle's All Star games, and our dear friend Sarah sent me this picture one night after the game.  I love Mike's big smile!

Last Sunday Kyle pitched in the first game of the tournament and once again Sarah sent me a picture of Kyle on the mound in a hot, hot game! 

This is our beloved Dr. Alisanski on her last day here with David.  She is listening to David and he has his stethoscope listening to her.  She has moved to Florida and we are so thankful for the compassion and care when she delivered really hard news to us back in November. 
This picture is blurred, but here are three resident doctors working very hard to make David's oxygen tube into a doggie using washcloths and stickers.  It was so cute and thoughtful:)
During the chest xray, Mike rocked the lead apron:)
Poor buddy he felt so bad during his chest xray:)
Happy reunion with his siblings! They have truly been the best medicine for him. 

Today David has perked up so much so we have encouraged him to walk around to move some of that fluid around.  We made him go to the cafeteria and here is a sweet picture of him and his Daddy:)
Here is Kyle helping David lick the icing off of the cupcake!!!  We love to see him eating fattening food like this!!!  Whoo hoo!!!!!
GG, Kyle, and David out in the courtyard off the cafteria.  Mike is acting like David's drill sargent making him move around. It is pitiful because he is so tired and weak that he begs to go to his room, but Mike makes him because his doctors have encouraged us to get him to move and walk to help with his stamina, fluid, and overall energy level. 
My sweet boys.  Having us all together and seeing David out and walking makes my heart so happy. The victory today is so sweet because the week has been so long and hard.  We give God all the praise for this day where our Rock Star is up, smiling, and HAPPY!!  

There is tons of construction going on around here and my kids found one of those "sticky pads" and they danced and giggled on that crazy thing!!  Kyle yesterday said it so perfectly when he said "Mom David has lost his Davidness"  and we are so thankful that David is getting back to himself:) Praise God!!!! 

This weekend is going to be a weekend of rest and recuperating for our boy.  The plan for now is that he will get his PICC line on Monday at 1:00.  Sadly it is another surgery for him which makes me nervous, but it is a light sedation versus the general anesthesia that he was under Thursday.  Monday he will also have a triple dose of chemo.  We are working hard on resting, exercise, and good eating to prepare for Monday.  We are nervous for Monday, but we have faith in our God as he works through his amazing team here.  We hope he will be discharged by his birthday on Thursday:) Weeks ago when we were talking with him about his birthday he said he wanted to bring his friends here to the hospital for his party, but we hope that he is long discharged by Thursday:)

Dear friends, thank you so much for all the love and prayers this past week.  We keep dreaming of the day this nightmare is behind us.  We want to forget the details of the nightmare, but we want to always remember the lessons of God's faithfulness, compassion for others, and the Lord's unfailing mercy and grace.  Happy Weekend from 7 West!


  1. Thank you for the update and praise the Lord for the good news. I've been checking all morning for an update and was getting worried. I just kept praying for all you. David you hang in there, buddy. You're on the home stretch now. I'm going to be helping in church camp next week so I'm going to say Happy Birthday today.We'll be saying extra prayers for you next week at camp. Love you little buddy.

  2. So very glad that David is feeling better. He does look like he is getting back is "Davidness". Dr. Mike should think about contacts..he looks pretty cute without his glasses!! Susan

  3. Such wonderful news to read that David is feeling much better today and retrieving his "Davidness" (love that!)! My prayers will continue for you all and hope that this restful weekend continues to be just that. Best wishes and prayers for Monday.

  4. Oh so glad to see his sweet face with a smile and some happiness to return. Poor baby, he is so darn cute and he is so brave! We All Love That Boy From Marion! Tell him WE LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND I PRAY THIS HORRIBLE SCARE WILL SOON HURRY AND GET YOU ALL HOME SOON. I know being at the hospital is Yucky. But you are in Great Hands. Be there and sat in that courtyard and cried many tears too!

  5. So so glad to see that David is getting back to his silly self! You all have been on my heart and mind this weekend. Prayers and love to you all :o)

  6. Pastor Billy GwinnJuly 1, 2012 at 8:29 AM

    We had Special prayer for David in the prayer room with Rush of Fools and Newsong! So glad he is doing better! We missed you all here at Souled Out!!