Monday, March 2, 2009


I love the blogging world so much that I cannot resist passing along this resource. I rarely post twice in one day, but a friend of mine passed this along to me and I could not resist posting about it. This is an adoption agency that ONLY facilitates adoptions for children with Down Syndrome. Do you know how pumped I am about his??!!

Not that Mike and I at this stage of our life (me 6 months pregnant with the unexpected blessing of baby girl) are able to research this for our family, but this is an awesome answer to the terrible news that 80-90% of people that find out they are having a baby with Down Syndrome choose to terminate the pregnancy. What an amazing ministry that says to these children that they are important and valued enough to find loving and Christian homes for them to thrive in. Only God could have birthed this awesome ministry. The website is full of awesome success stories, resources, etc.. and I honestly have not even read it all yet. I was just so EXCITED about it that I could not contain myself:)

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