Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend of fun

We are on the road this weekend in Pigeon Forge. We are staying at the Wilderness at the Smokies which is an awesome indoor/outdoor waterpark place. The boys have had a ball and David is sleeping soundly as I write this and Mike and Kyle are snuggling and watching sports.

We have another day of swimming tomorrow and then we must head back to the real world:) Tonight we ventured out for some dinner and during dinner Kyle announced that his Mom was half woman and half cow because she can make her own milk for the baby! We then were forced to have a spontaneous discussion on breast feeding right there at the dinner table. It is definitely an interesting challenge to go through pregnancy and prepare for having a newborn in the house with a big, curious seven year old!!

On a fun note, Kyle finally chose the special outfit to bring little Princess home from the hospital in. My Mom tried so hard to persuade him towards the frilly dresses, but Kyle wanted nothing to do with it! We gave him total control of the situation and what he came up with is precious...I will post a picture when we get home:)


  1. It is a whole new world when the sibs are old enough to understand. Imagine how fun it was when we were having Anne and Martha wanted to come to the delivery!! She also wanted to see the stitches and swelling which I showed her after preparing her for what she might see. Yep, she learned a lot. We are thinking of coming to see Martha after Easter and wanted to squeeze in a visit if possible. how far are you from VT?

  2. Oh my. Brady walked in on Aunt Jen feeding Baby Mollie last weekend. He did not say a word - his eyes just got big as saucers. Abbie, the big sister, tells people that Mommy feeds Mollie with her boobies.....Abbie 3.