Sunday, March 1, 2009

Weekend Highlight

Kyle is definately feeling much better, but he still has very little stamina and wears out quickly. Today during the praise and worship time at church, he asked if he could sit down?! It is awesome to see him pink and healthy looking again, but his exhaustion is a reminder of how sick he was this time last week. We go back to the doctor tomorrow to check in with him since we have tapered off all the steroids and started the maintenance medicine (Advair).

Kyle woke up Saturday morning with a mission in his mind to name his baby sister. We are all getting excited and Kyle is determined to name her!! I want a name just so I can start calling her by name and quite honestly, I would love to start the monogramming!!!

Kyle sat at the table Saturday morning with his NEW smelly markers and proceeded to make a list of his favorite names for this baby. I helped him some, but quite honestly I was doing a million loads of laundry and did not fully grasp his complete and serious devotion to this project. I have no idea if we will use any of these names (probably because I love them all) but I will forever cherish his little body hunched over his new smelly markers lovingly writing names out for his sister. I just had to share his precious list! I wrote the names that he was not comfortable spelling. I cannot wait in a few years to share this list with little Princess so she can understand how she was loved and anticipated! I also love the precious picture of her drawn at the bottom and do not miss the skirt that he drew on her!:)

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