Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twitter anyone?

I love my husband, but I have always been infuriated that he is never behind the technology trend too far, unlike me. I think when I started this blog unassisted way back in August 2008, he was mystified that I could pull it off since he has always been the nerd in our family!:)

Since starting this blog and loving it so, I have tried to expand my knowledge to make it more fun and user-friendly. I love to add pictures, text, and scan the kids stuff into my posts. I have seen this new Twitter trend and needless to say I wanted in on the action.

So, this morning while on the treadmill one of the cable networks did a little piece about twittering and now ladies and gentleman I am officially twittering! Basically, it is a way to keep up with what we are doing on our blog in between posts. I think my mother will love this since I am infamous for being hard to reach via telephone and my cell is often dead.

All you do, is click on our blog and read the twitter updates on the side. They will be little random chunks of information about what is going on in our daily life. I hope this will be fun, now I just need to get my phone upgraded where I can twitter on the go!! Oh what fun:) By the way, Kyle is so into blogging and such that he asked me this morning if he could start a I told him Mommy could only keep up with one family blog:)

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