Sunday, March 22, 2009

New Fave Song

I have temporarily found a new favorite song and I just had to share it on this blog. Lately when you open our blog, you hear the song One Life To Love by 33 Miles and I still totally dig that song and yes, David can sing it word for word. But, I heard a song the other day that stopped me dead in my tracks-not really because I was driving, but you get the idea:)

The song is called Dearly Loved by Jimmy Needham. I hope you enjoy it when you open our blog. It talks about how God dearly loves us and I think we all need a fresh reminder of that! There are days that I do not feel super lovable due to a bad attitude, or I am having a bad hair day, or I am just feeling a tad righteous. But God loves me and he loves you and we truly are Dearly Loved by our Maker. What wonderful news-how can I be snarly with my loved ones when the hand that made me dearly loves me?!

The song also reminds us that there is no greater joy, peace, and love from giving ourselves to God and letting him dearly love us. Unfortunately people let us down all the time because we are all human. We try to be the perfect spouse, mother, friend, etc.. but we just cannot cut it. God is truly the only one that will never let us down. I know if God would have been bandaging Mike's knee last weekend, then he would not have laughed hysterically at him like I did. I am just too darn human sometimes. The great news is that God knows that about me, and thankfully still dearly loves me anyway:) Enjoy the song-let me know if you love it as well!

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