Thursday, March 5, 2009

Needin' some prayer

I know we have worn the medical community out lately with all three of my boys' various illnesses, and we have asked for lots of prayer lately, but here we are asking again. Today the school called me and said that David had a rash all over his arms and legs accompanied by a fever. Mike happen to come home for lunch as I took the call. The school nurse thought maybe Fifth disease which I do not know much about, but I do remember that it can affect pregnant women and babies in the womb.

Mike then decided that I needed to stay home and he would pick up David from school and take him to the doctor. The diagnosis sure enough was Fifth disease and our doctor told Mike to have me call my OB.

I called the OB and he called me right back and told me that I needed to come for some bloodwork to see if I have the antibodies against this. I just went in for the bloodwork and we should know something tomorrow. This is one time in my life I pray I am positive for something! Pray that I do test positive for the antibodies and we are in the clear and little Princess is okay. If I am negative for the antibodies then we have to consult with a perintologist. (I think I spelled that wrong!) Hopefully my days of teaching preschool and having young children in the house will pay off and I have a nice strong immunity built up against this particular virus.

We appreciate all your love and concern for us. This has been a long few weeks in our house, but the weather here is gorgeous today giving us a wonderful reminder that spring is right around the corner:)

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