Thursday, March 26, 2009

Educating the world

I know-it is a hard job but someone must do it. I feel compelled whenever the situation arises to educate the world one person at a time. Today I had to educate a professional regarding prenatal testing. I took David for a specific evaluation to see if additional services in one particular area were warranted and I had to end up educating another person:)

David performed quite well for the professional and she even commented that he was "way higher functioning than she anticipated." I should have known right then and there where this was headed:)

The next step was to do a brief history of David including his family biography. I informed her that he has a brother and that he has a sister due in June. She looked up at me (guess she couldn't guess I was pregnant which is shocking considering I am 28 weeks along) and said "well, I am sure you have done an amnio this time around." I looked at her with total shock on my face because if ANYONE knows me well they know that I am totally and utterly afraid of needles and why I would choose to allow one to penetrate my womb is beyond me.

But, I asked her why she was curious about an amnio and she said "well, of course to rule out Down's again!" Oh my, here we go again. I then broke out my tried and true lecture that Mike and I are Christians and we do not believe in prenatal testing which would allow us to have "options." We believe that David is a gift from the Lord and that we were chosen specifically to parent this awesome child (that is very high functioning thank you very much!)

She totally did not get what I was saying and went on to ask about my AFP results. (AFP is the blood test taken at 16 weeks of pregnancy to rule out DS and other various disabilities). Her mouth dropped when I told her that we did not do an AFP for our big boys and we did not this go around with sweet Princess. Then I heard her say the biggest "oh." God love her, she had no idea what to say beyond that. She then totally shocked me and said that David needs no additional services and that we were free to go!!!

Well, I tried to educate one more person today-I am not sure if I succeeded, but she at least got true words from my heart. I love my strong-willed, hilarious, little red head and hopefully we can tag team to teach the world one person at a time the true meaning of perfection. I think that professional today failed to see David's perfection-thankfully his Creator is not offended in the least:) Isaiah 43:7 states that every one that is called by my name; for I have created him for my glory, I have formed him, I have made him. Nope, God is not the least bit surprised that David has an extra chromosome and I am sure He delights that a child can remind us of the true meaning of perfection. Thankfully, it does not take an amniocentesis or a blood test to test for true perfection:)

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