Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sometimes in life you have those moments that are spontaneous and precious when you have children in the house. David's class had a special reading program last week where the children brought home a new book. David showed off his new book and then proceeded to make the chairs look like storytime and directed everyone where they should sit. He read his new book to Mike and Kyle and then he "allowed" Mike to read it to him. It was precious-he showed all the pictures just like his guest reader did:)

Mike was allowed to read it after David did!

Listening to David "read" is priceless-he even holds the pictures up for you to see!

I needed that vision of sweetness tonight-it has been somewhat of a long two days around here. Mike would politely call it "Mommy's hormonal imbalance"! My emotions have been a little on the edge today-you can even ask my friend Lynn who was the recipient of an email that I rattled on and poured out my heart! We also had a meeting about David today with all his service providers at school-God love them they are awesome people. I know it is not always easy to come to a meeting with hormonal Mommy and superintedent Daddy. Basically any of the meetings we have we must focus on David's deficits so we can help fill in the gaps. It gets a little frustrating to hear over and over what he is NOT doing. Thankfully, though, he has made some great gains this year that we got to celebrate as well:)

We are so blessed with the people that God has put in his life. Sometimes it gets overwhelming keeping up with all that we need to with David in terms of appointments, therapy, IEP paperwork, etc.. but when I get overwhelmed with it all I TRY to remember that God gave us this sweet angel and has walked with us every moment of raising him. I love this life that we get to live with David and I am so thankful for how David has changed us ALL for the better. You cannot be around David or any of his buddies with DS and NOT be changed-it just isn't possible:)


  1. I love these pictures! I feel as if I am there. Makes me miss yall. Thanks for sharing. David is doing great! I am so proud of what all you and Michael do for your children! You go girl!!! Kevin got mad at me for scrolling down to finish reading your blog. . . he couldn't see Uncle Michael reading.

  2. Precious storytime. I love it!