Saturday, March 14, 2009

Slam Dunk Competitions and Rap Music

This weekend it is super cold and rainy here-spring is definitely playing tricks on us. Last weekend we worked and played outside, and now this weekend we are inside freezing!:) The boys are obsessed with basketball right now and the ACC tournament on tv is fueling that fire. Unfortunately the Hokies did not get past UNC:(

Anyway, the boys have had a ball this weekend playing inside slam dunk competition on our goals. We have multiple goals set up around the house over doors and the boys spend hours shooting. Kyle even made up a slam dunk competition that he is playing. Not only does he keep track of what countries are in the comeptition (nice link to his obsession with country flags), but he insists to play his CD's from his uncle Chad. My brother made two CD's for my boys made up of rap songs for tender ears. He was courteous enough to screen the songs and get the clean version.

The boys love this music and they play is loudly when they have their slam dunk competitions and and play hoops. Our poor little girl, she does not have a chance in this household! :)

David slam dunking it on our "little goal" hooked to our pantry. He loves to play:)

Kyle slam dunking it inside on our "big goal!" He is on his second goal in that spot since he has already broken one playing slam dunk.

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