Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Lab Results Finally

Whew-after a long morning of seeing both my regular doctor and my OB, the news is somewhat good. I tested negative for the flu which is wonderful, but my regular doctor wants to redo that flu swab tomorrow because some people test negative early in the illness. The OB shared those much-anticipated blood results with me showing that I have been exposed to Fifth disease in the past which means my body has antibodies against it. This is sweet relief for little Princess, but he wants to redo the blood work again on the 19th just to be sure. I feel relieved because he assured me he was not worried.

Little Princess was quite active this morning while being poked and prodded and her heartbeat was around 150 which is good. Please just pray that the next round of blood work on the 19th is just as glowing and that we can put this behind us:) David still looks like a speckled pup when he gets out in the sun:)

I am off to enjoy this last bit of beautiful weather before the rain comes tomorrow:) Thanks for all the phone calls, prayers, and love during this crazy time. I cannot tell you how appreciative we are.

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