Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The Pinata

David and I went to a big birthday party on Sunday. It was tons of fun and David saw lots of friends and of course made many more friends. He ate two big pieces of cake and drank who knows how many juice boxes. He can sweet talk anyone into giving him whatever he wants!

Of course at the end of the party there was a big pinata. It was thankfully one of those string kind and of course it was full to the brim of candy. Once the candy came pouring out the mass of children swarmed grabbing candy as fast as their little sticky fingers could muster. David reached down to grab some candy and got bumped.

His reaction totally surprised me. He cried for just a second and then walked away from all that candy. (I know I was totally shocked as well). The little boy bumped him on accident and was NOT one of those aggressive, survival of the fittest type of children. At first I encouraged David to get back in the mix and get some candy but he was not the least bit interested. I was mystified that a little four year old boy with a disability got it more than some adult people can.

David just figured out the candy was not worth the fight. He does not have a sweet tooth and he is not an aggressive, go after it kind of kid. (Shocking I know considering who his parents are!!) How often do we as adults fight for something that truly is not worth it! My judgmental radar often rises for stuff that truly does not matter! I get so bent out of shape sometimes and waste valuable energy on silly stuff that does not directly affect my family or our well-being! David could have cared less that he did not fight for any candy and did not have a bag to take home.

(I must add that this ADORABLE AND SUPER SWEET big boy named Charlie brought him a baggie of candy!!!)

I am often totally mystified and humbled that my preschooler with Down Syndrome continues to show me first hand life lessons that this 30 something year old mother is still trying to grasp! That pinata incident was not a big deal to David so why should I worry that my child is not scouring the floor for candy?! He was much to concerned with scoring his next juice box and dancing to the beat of his own drum:)

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