Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Funnies

Thankfully today I am not having a whatever kind of day, because frankly my hormones cannot handle another one of those again for a while:) I just had to share some precious and funny things that have happened recently:)

Well, here it is-Little Princess' coming home outfit!! Kyle under Mike's leadership scoured Pigeon Forge and came up with this. It is so precious that it brings tears to my eyes even though I would have definitely picked out something way different:) It is simply a precious onesie that says Little Lady and of course he splurged for the matching hat:) He grinned from ear to ear while we waited in line at Carter's to pay for it. Kyle also picked out the blanket to match and it says Welcome Home on it. This nameless baby is so dear to us all already:)

I was talking to my brother on the phone just today about my Dad's birthday. I told him that I had already bought him two shirts from Under Armour and I have already given it to him. (remember that was the sale that was big enough to make me forsake my online shopping restriction for lent-that kind of sale!) Anyway, my brother reminded me of the most hilarious thing and I am using my blog as a public forum to personally apologize to my brother. I know it is hard to believe, but friends, I truly did make a grave mistake about 4-5 years ago that I must confess about.

You see, about 4 or 5 years ago, my brother Chad was laying in the floor playing with some boy (mine or his it really doesn't matter) but I noticed that he had on this tight fitting slicky kind of shirt on under a tshirt. I questioned him about what he had on and he tried to explain to me that it was this special kind of shirt that whisk heat away from the body to keep you cool?! I died laughing HYSTERICALLY at my brother and kidded him that he looked like he had on an ice skating costume!!!! Come to find out that my brother was way ahead of times because he was wearing Under Armour back then ahead of the trend, and I accused him of looking like an ice skater. So Chad, I apologize profusely-will you forgive me?

Also, I know I totally just posted about my new favorite song just last week, but let me tell you I am blown away with another song that I just had to share. It is Chris Tomlin's new song, I Will Rise, and frankly it brings me to tears. I watched this Godtube video of him talking about the song and his whole reason for writing it was to provide a song that acknowledges that we will all face hard and difficult times here on Earth. The bible tells us that very bluntly, but we have the hope that God will never leave us in that horrible place-that he will walk with us through the difficult times if we rely on him and that we will rise! I LOVE this song so much and I just had to share this video:) Enjoy!

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  1. The outfit is SO SWEET!! Ladybugs are very popular at our house right now...Chloe is already planning a ladybug birthday party! After lent, you'll have to check out the new Pretty Lady collection at Gymboree (not to tempt you or anything!) Anyway, that coming home outfit looks so soft and sweet, and it won't be much longer (less than 90 days!)until it looks even 100 times sweeter with her wearing it!