Monday, March 30, 2009


Today is one of those days that I just feel like saying WHATEVER. I know this blog typically shows my sweeter side, but today I just feel a little annoyed. Before you start wondering if something bad has happened to me, just know that I am simply annoyed at trivial things that I have no control over and I just have to vent:) Perhaps my hormonal side is catching up to me today:)

1) I broke down at the grocery store last night and bought high end hairspray because I love the smell. I did not spend $15 on hairspray for the quality of the hairspray, just because it smells darn good. This morning I was so excited to use my hairspray and guess what-the top was broken and it did not spray and it ran down my arm-WHATEVER!

2) This morning at preschool I opened my soda and it spewed all over me to the point it soaked through my shirt and made my bra stick to me-WHATEVER!

3) I love that my blog has readers from all over and I truly feel blessed that people react positively to what I say in my blog, but I had a comment this morning that perhaps it was not wise to skip the AFP blood test with my "history" and maybe I should reconsider. The great thing is that I simply did not publish that comment and chose to say WHATEVER!

4) The sun is shining and it is beautiful looking here today, but the temperature is only in the 40's-WHATEVER!

5) Kyle sneezed a million times this morning which means that perhaps his asthma could kick in again despite vigilantly taking his Advair-WHATEVER!

Okay, that just about does it. Thank for letting me vent about things that I have no control over. Thankfully I have a great husband, precious children, and great friends that are okay with my venting every once in a while. Please feel free to vent on this cold Monday as well. I would love to hear if you are having a whatever day also:)


  1. Laura,
    I so have whatever days! I get fustrated with people who think this world is about the clothes you wear, how much and how hard you work out, where you are going for Spring Break and how much you can talk about the people - don't want to hear it. . . WHATEVER! If it makes your Monday better just keep saying WHATEVER!!! That just made me feel better!

  2. Love it Laura! You go ahead and vent! You deserve it as any mother does. Also, don't let anyone talk you into doing something you don't want to do like the AFP test. It's your body and YOUR baby!!! Anyway, love you and miss you and hope you are feeling well.