Thursday, March 19, 2009


This week has been a silly one around here. Yesterday David came home from school and insisted to wear his choo choo hat while playing outside?! I could not resist a picture of this precious boy on his red jeep:) He has learned how to make it go fast, but his steering skills are not quite there yet!:)

This is one of those moments that just make you laugh. Most of you know that I am married to a tree hugger. Mike is one of those people that believes we as Christians should protect God's beautiful Earth (and I agree also, but I just lack the discipline to recycle all the time)! The joke in our house is that if you stand still too long Daddy will recycle you:) Anyway, I am so thankful that Mike sets this example for our children. Yesterday I took off to the grocery store for a few items for lunch packing. I finally remembered to take my organic, reusable grocery bag to the store with me. I felt so good walking through the store with that thing. As I was checking out I smugly gave the bagger my handy bag and he proceeded to STILL use the plastic bag and then put the items and plastic bag inside my earth-friendly green bag. I just had to share a picture of this hilarious thing! Mike, I really did try to use one less plastic bag yesterday but obviously the sweet bagger man has not received the memo yet on plastic bags being harmful to the environment! Hope you have a great day!

By the way, I am trying to prove my eagerness for being more earth friendly so Mike does not broach the subject of cloth diapers for little Princess. I just can't go there yet:) I know how bad diapers are for the environment, but I just cannot picture me rinsing something out in the toilet. I will breastfeed-isn't that tree hugger enough???!!! Think of the cans of formula that WONT go in the landfill due to nursing!!!

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  1. I love the picture of the cloth bag with the plastic bag in it! Someone needs to publish that somewhere. Kevin wants to know if David will bring his jeep over. He said there is an empty seat for him to ride in. . . our sweet little red heads. Mine just came and told me to look at his hair. He CUT HIS HAIR while I was reading your blog! This is turning out to be a WACKY WEDNESDAY instead of a Thursday.
    Happy Blogging!