Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Doctors everywhere!

Yesterday our afternoon was spent at the doctor's office. Kyle got another glowing report from his doctor as his lungs are back to functioning about 80-90%, but there is still some wheezing which means his activity is still limited this week. I jokingly told the doctor that that was cruel and unusual punishment for us all because he is HYPED up on all these steroids and has no outlet to unleash them! Praise God he can go back to school today!:) Hopefully next week he can resume some normalcy with sports and activity.

Also all four of us went to my doctor for my monthly checkup. I sweetly asked the doctor if he could do an ultrasound so the boys could see little Princess. She is still a little girl and looks beautiful on the ultrasound. Kyle really enjoyed seeing her move and wiggle and the doctor was wonderful about pointing out all her body parts. He did comment that she has long legs which I know Mike was already picturing her in a basketball uniform!!:)

We are so thankful that Kyle is on the mend after that long week of watching him cough and gasp for breath. Asthma really stinks but we pray that this Advair will be the trick to keeping him from EVER having an attack this bad. We have always been reluctant to put him on maintenance medicine for his asthma but frankly his doctor feels that that choice is no longer an option for us. We have seen how ugly it can really get and we need to do whatever we can to not go down that path again:)

I am off to the grocery store this morning-Kyle's appetite is back in full force and I need to restock for this steroid pumped-up boy!!:)

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