Friday, March 20, 2009

On the Road

I am posting this from my parent's house. The boys and I are staying here tonight while Mike is teaching for UVA again tonight and tomorrow morning. It baffles me that he loves to do this, but he is an educator in his heart and he loves to help train the next generation of school administrators. I will brag on him that he always gets great evaluations from his "students" and even when he is teaching a boring topic (school finance) he always seems to make is relevant and engaging.

Today my Mom and I braved the eye doctor with David. We waited almost two solid hours to see the doctor and when it was all said and done he gave David a glowing report. Children with DS often have vision issues, so we have been once before for a full exam, but recently at school he failed a school-based vision screening and we thought it was time to go back for another exam. He was such a trooper and we enjoyed our day with wild man. Kyle stayed home for some March Madness fun with Pops.

On another note, when I picked up David from school early today for the appointment, every child in his class hugged him before he left:) Even though we were on a tight time schedule, I was touched that he loves his classmates that much and that they love him! What a wonderful inclusion moment and I was certainly touched!:)

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