Tuesday, February 7, 2012


It has certainly been wonderful to be home. As I am dragging out my big suitcases to start packing for UVA it makes me realize how short our time at home has been. We went to a local doctor this morning and got his port de-accessed. Ouch! He has been accessed for so many weeks that his skin was raw and sensitive under those bandages. Poor pumpkin that was not fun at all.

In the last few days we have had to replace our hot water heater. Sigh. Not what we wanted to do right now, but thankfully it was a quick and easy repair.

On a lighter note, check out the big Valentine that David got from some of his friends that are girls. ( I hate using the girlfriend word to talk about David's friends that happen to be girls)! These girls are so sweet and he loved this huge Valentine! It is hanging in our living room.

Hope and David got baths and they are off right now with Mike to pick up Mike's Mom, Oma from the airport. She is staying here for a while to help out. She has not been here since Hope's first birthday so the kids are excited to see her.

Here is Miss Curls with her new Minnie Mouse shirt on that she is so proud of!!!

After their baths, they had such fun playing with their iPads and listening to music.

We have also been in full Valentine mode around here getting Valentine's all done in case we do not get home in time. Because of the awesome nurses and the awesome care we have received, we decided to make treat bags for the nurses. Nurses work hard!! I admire nurses so much.

David has really enjoyed his school time with Mrs. Hubble and yesterday he ate so many kit kats while they were working that she named him the Kit Kat King and made him a crown! They had read a story about a king:) We are so blessed that his teacher is willing to also provide his homebound.

David's basketball team brought him a goody bag full of fun stuff! Hope is enjoying the finger paint and big paper.

The basketball team also sent David a team picture! Look at these precious little boys!! David put it on top of his school shelf! Thank you Nuggets Basketball team!

The last few days have been hard on me emotionally. I will be fine for days and then something little will set me off. Hormones also play a role too I am sure!! Today when he was de-accessed it broke my heart because I KNOW that tape coming off had to hurt. Poor buddy, but he gave everyone a high five when we left! I am so proud to be his Momma. He has endured more than most will ever in their lifetime and he continues to sing praises to our Lord and make everyone else around him smile. My heart hurts and I so wish I could take away all this for him, but then my heart also overflows when I see his sweet spirit shining through.

I have also been touched yet convicted reading Crazy Love. You must read this book. It is so eye-opening and idea-changing. Wow-I pray that God does not see me as a lukewarm Christian that fits him into a little nugget of my life. I pray that He sees that He has captured my entire heart and that I could bawl in gratitude for not only my salvation but for the mercy that he has shown us over the course of this nightmare. Between this book and this nightmare I pray I will never be the same!

I am off to finish cooking for my mother-in-law. My sweet Mom came down today to help me get organized (not my strong suit) and to get the house ready for Oma. Mike's Mom is a great cook and Kyle and Mike have a list of what food she has to fix while she is here!! Mike loves her fried potatoes and Kyle loves these special brownie cookies that she makes. Yummo! She is going to run the house while we are gone for this stay.

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