Thursday, February 16, 2012

Today's news

Well it appears that our Rock Star has his first big break into the entertainment industry tomorrow! On February 25th here at UVA there is a dance marathon to raise money for the pediatric oncology clinic that serves David. Tomorrow David is going to make a video of him dancing to show during the marathon. We have been practicing some moves tonight. The four oncologist that serve us are doing a choreoGraphed video for the event as well. It is going to be super exciting!! We signed permission tonight so a videographer is going to come tomorrow to video.

David has had such a great week. His chemo is dripping now while he watches Lion King. Except for some fatigue he has felt well. He has gone to school for about an hour each day and he has enjoyed his playtime with Haley.

Despite our wonderful week, there a some sad situations on the floor here and my heart has been heavy with lots of little ones here. It seems that the helicopter has landed more here than usual which never is good. This morning puling into the parking garage I saw a small bundled being unloaded off of the helicopter and my heart sank.

I know I have said this before, but this place is awesome. We have all the love from home, plus love here on the floor. Sadly we have been here more than home lately and we have made some sweet new friends. we are so touched by all your blog comments, texts, messages, and emails.

We are still on schedule to leave Saturday around lunch. I am flying solo here until Saturday. Pops came to pick up GG and they went home tonight. Mike's mom is running the household back at home and it appears that she and Hope are having lots of fun together. We are so appreciative of all the help we have and I am so excited to head home.

Please pray specifically that David does not get sick this time with a scary infection. As excited as I am to come home, we are nervous to leave. We will have to return this Thursday for chemo (Vinchristine for week 11) and the following Thursday (march 1) we will return for another Vinchristine plus a CT scan, echocardiogram to check heart function, and antibiotics. We will always have scans every six weeks. Those will always make us nervous because we will always be concerned that new lesions will have popped up.

That is the update from 7 central today!

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