Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Sunshine Therapy!

Today has been an awesome day.  The sun has been so warm and wonderful.  Today I got very happy thinking that the winter is almost behind us.  I remember those first few awful days after David was diagnosed and thinking that we would have such a long, sad, and hard winter.  Today being out in the sunshine reminded me that we still have a long way to go, but the Lord has gotten us through the winter and we are on the home stretch of treatment! 
Looking at these two sweet faces, feeling the sunshine on my face, and thinking of how much Kyle has matured over the last few months made me want to weep tears of gratitude.  I am so overcome with graititude when I think of how faithful the Lord has been to us as a family. 
David successfully went back to school today and according to his teacher, he had an awesome day!  He stayed through math and reading and I picked him up around 11:30.  He was happy and seemed very excited to see his friends again.  Of course we get nervous thinking about germs:)

I have always been excited about seeing signs of spring,  but this year they mean more to me.  This year signs of spring remind me of hope and new beginnings.  We made it through the long winter of David's diagnosis, surgery, initial chemo, and now we do see that even though we still have 20 more treatments that we will survive.
As long as we have our Jesus and each other we will survive. 

As a family we are reading a lot more about Jesus and praying a lot more.  I am sad that cancer is in our life, but I am thankful for the faith growing that we have all done because of it.  (Here is David reading to Hope from his new learn-to-read bible about David and Goliath!)  I am sad that we have had these hard months, but the lessons of God's unfailing love and faithful promises will always stay with us.  Today the sunshine has made me realize that cancer is still very hard, but because of Jesus and his promises from his word, we are not alone and that He has been faithful each step of the way! 


  1. Warm and fuzzy all over!!!

  2. AMEN!!! to spring and new beginnings. My favorite season :)