Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday wrap- up

Our week here on 7 central is almost over. Hopefully tomorrow night we will be sleeping in our own bed at home. He is receiving his last chemo now, and he will have to receive 12 hours of fluids post-chemo to flush the toxins from his body. The team does not want chemo sitting in his good kidney.

He is definitely fatigued today. He went to school for about an hour and a half this morning. the teacher that he knows here is Ms. Cathy who was actually a sub for the regular teacher who is now back. I think David misses Ms. Cathy and is taking A little time to warm up to Ms. Wendy. Ms. Wendy is super sweet too and did get some great work out of him. I did have to get Nurse Lisa to escort him to school because he knows he can turn on the tears for momma!! It is important to us that he keeps up with his school work.

After school and lunch he did get to make his video for the dance marathon! He made us all tear up when he looked straight at the camera and said "my name is David. Thank you for dancing with me". We cranked up the song "Sexy and You know it" and he broke out some great moves. He did awesome and I cannot wait to see the finished product. I also might add thatbhe was rocking the VT shirt in the video!!

On a sad note, sweet Haley is super sick today. She has diarrhea and is just sick. Sadly her team has run several tests on her to see why she is sick, so she is in isolation all weekend until the results come back. Poor baby-she has slept a lot today and cried to see David when she was awake. Please join me in praying for them this weekend. Being on isolation during the weekend is brutal for such a social butterfly like her. We have done it two inpatient trips ago and it is so hard. We are also anxious to get the results back since David has played with her so much this week.

As anxious as we both are to get home, we will be nervous taking him home with his counts being so low. We have to start the G shots Saturday night to start building his white blood cell back. We will have to return Thursday for Vinchristine and a check up to check his counts and weight. Rock star has continued to chow on hospital french fries and spaghetti. We have never seen him eat this well at the hospital!!!

Please pray not only for Haley, but for David that hedoes not get another infection. Good night from 7 central and hopefully tomorrow we can head down the interstate!!!!

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