Monday, February 13, 2012

Long day

After seven hours of clinic, we are finally in a room!! We are in room 50 on 7 central. David did not even get into his own room before running down the hall to check on Haley! The amazing news is that David has put on three pounds in three weeks!!!! I love Benecalorie and Ghiradeli brownies!!! His neutraphils were 900 ish so we have the green light for chemo! We will be here through Saturday. The doctors think he looks great and are thrilled with his weight gain!!

It has been a long day and my foot is throbbing. An ER doctor looked at it and said that I broke two toes and that I need to keep wearing this boot that my grandmother let me borrow. My foot is blue and swollen but hopefully with rest and elevation it will heal quickly. My nerves are wearing thin today playing the waiting game. We had to wait for a clinic room, wait for his port to be accessed, wait for his labs to come back, wait for IV to start, wait for a room on the floor to open up, and now after seven long hours we are in a room. He still has to have chemo today.

Thank you to you all for your kind words about my incidents yesterday. Just know I do not always show great restraint when it comes to my babies!!! Ask any Hornet momma and they will attest to how high strung I get watching Kyle play sports. Kyle often plays post, and he can get pretty beat up in that position and I often "encourage" the referees loudly to call a foul! There is also a funny story floating around about something I accidentally yelled last year during a game. Mike and I are super competitive and being a Christian sports Momma is very difficult to do. Sports mommas-do you agree???

I am ready to call it a night! I need some down time and rest desperately!!!!! Early goodnight from 7 central!!


  1. UVA has long waiting times....

  2. Laura; Don't worry about those people you have to hold your head up high. You are a wonderful person and have gone thru so much. There are so many cruel people in this world. I am so glad David is doing good. That is what all the prays and faith does.We have a all some God. He is so amazing in every way. David has enough faith for everyone.I love to watch Hope take care of him. You can see the love in all. God Bless you everything will be fine and we are praying for Davids little friend Haley.