Thursday, February 2, 2012

Check Up!

Whew! It was a long day heading up to Cville, but thankfully we got good news. We went a different route this time due to a big accident on I-81 that had the road blocked. Thank you to the sweet folks who called or emailed me this morning about the accident:)

David's vitals were great and his lab work was on target. His levels are still low and his hemoglobin is still low which explains his fatigue. His weight had increased by several ounces which thrilled me! The oncologist has prepared us that IF he needs a feeding tube she is going to do the surgically implanted G tube instead of the tube in his nose. You medical folk know what I am talking about, but she really feels that a nose tube would be torture for him with his sensory issues. This Momma agrees, but i pray that he does not require it. He has eaten well today and Mike and I feel like we have a small window over the next week to fatten him up a bit since he is getting a little chemo break this week. He has eaten well today.

We will check in at 9 a.m. next week on Thursday for the next five day inpatient stay. I dread it, but I also look at it that we must do it to get to the end. The doctor and I spoke about specific dates and it appears that he has a total of 31 weeks of treatment, and next week is week 10. Weeks 10, 19, and 25 he will have the intense and brutal five days of inpatient hospital time. Weeks 25-31 thankfully are not weekly treatments, but he will still receive some treatment. Shew. If the calendar works out right, it appears that his last treatment will be his birthday week-how cool is that?! PARTY!

I hope this makes sense. I am tired and weary from our long day. I have some cute pics to download tomorrow:) My Mom and I did see the neatest thing riding home. There was a cloud that truly looked like an outstretched hand. It was beautiful and the only cloud in a beautiful blue sky. It looked like the hand of our Jesus reaching out to us on that long drive home. It still gives me goosebumps to think about it. Not that we ever doubt that He is with us, but that big tangible reminder in the sky made us both smile.

The doctors were pleased with his apperance today and Momma has to keep up the nursing skills until Tuesday when the antibiotic is done via his port. Then somehow on Tuesday we have to have his port de-accessed here locally. (Anyone want to do it?!) and then he will get a fresh needle on Thursday before being admitted. Sadly after this next five day regimen we will have to start those dreaded GCSF shots again. His back is still hurting from the last two week round of those, so that makes me sad. Again, all part of the plan that we must do to make our Rock Star better:)

Must go to bed now. This Momma is weary and my bed is calling my name! I will post some clinic pictures tomorrow:) Good night thankfully from Camp Robinson!

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