Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sadly blogger is not letting me put some really cute pictures on here today, so this will be a pictureless post:( Maybe tomorrow!

We checked out of the hospital yesterday mid-morning and headed home. Kyle and Mike were playing basketball in Wytheville and we were blessed and got to stop off and catch one of his games. Kyle grinned really big when we walked in the gym, and David took off and jumped into Mike's arms.

I usually tear up at our hellos as much as I cry over our goodbyes. So far since being home, David has felt great. We started the G shots last night and we waited until he was asleep and tried that method. He definitely woke up, but he only cried for less than a minute. Sometimes the anticipation of a shot is way worse than the actual shot with David, so we will keep with this method for another night. Let me be clear that these shots are so not fun, but we try to keep in mind that these shots are raising his white blood cell counts to help him fight off infection.

We got up super early this morning to watch Kyle play two games of hoops. For once we were okay with the early games and losing early because it started snowing during the games and we came home on white roads. This is our first real snow of the year so everyone is super excited.

After almost two weeks of being here, Oma is planning to head out tomorrow. She and Hope got to have lots of girl bonding time while were in Charlottesville and Mike has certainly enjoyed her good cooking. I think she has made him fried potatoes twice while she has been here:)

When I got home yesterday there was a learn to read bible waiting for us. Our sweet blog reader from Alabama sent us a learn to read bible to help in our home schooling of David. It is so precious. But what is even more precious is the note that she wrote to me. It spoke right to my heart and I was so appreciative of her kind words.

She also included an amazing letter addressed to Kyle. It took my breath away because it talked about how being the big brother is a responsibility. What a thoughtful and wonderful gift. This bible is one of our new favorite books in the house because it came with such love.

I also received a precious book in the hospital from a sweet gal I used to go to church with. She herself has walked in our shoes of caring for an ill child and the book is called A Different Dream for My Child and I am anxious to read it. Thank you Catherine for the visit and book:)

Even though we are home and enjoying a relatively normal weekend my heart is still heavy about Haley. I plan to call this afternoon and check on them.

We are waiting for a big snow to calm life down for a day or two. I have some laundry to catch up on and some cookies to bake with my favorite girl. When you are in the hospital for days on end and at the mercy of the cafeteria, there is nothing I like doing more when I get home than cooking for my family. An extended stay at the hospital makes me appreciate the boring household chores when I get home. I am giddy over the thought of helping Kyle with his cloud project this afternoon. After being away for so much over the last few weeks and feeling so out of the loop, I look forward to an afternoon with my favorite ten-year old, a poster board, and some markers. :)

I am getting organized for Moms on a Mission and hope to get the ball rolling later today on it!! My heart is so happy about the idea of this local mission project to bless less fortunate children in our county with a group of some amazing and talented Mommas!!


  1. Many prayers going up for your David and Haley as I have grown fond of her through your blog and making something for her. I have gotten behind because its a learning project! But I will work faster now. God Bless each of these sick babies because we love them so much and it hurts our hearts to see them hurt and be so sick. Please God Heal these children according to your will Father.

  2. Laura,
    We have never met, but I have been following your blog faithfully each day. I am a Smyth County Schools employee, and I have shared with your husband how much your posts have meant to me. I am a mom to five grown children and a "Nana" to 14... I am soooo touched by your stories about your precious family!!! I will continue to love your three children through your writings, and I will pray regularly for David's full recovery. Someday,... I would cherish meeting him...Would it be possible for me to be a "Nana Warrior" in your group???
    Kristin Delp